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I get intermittent notifications when somebody presses the doorbell or when there is motion detected. How can I fix this?



  • Amaboatemaa

    What's PIR and how can I make my door bell record people instead of sending me pictures?

  • DigitalS

    My VEIU is connected to the internet now and I am not getting notifications. I can only dial the intercom and see live video. Notifications was working before but since May 22, 2018 it has stopped. Is there anything going on with the cloud service? Is the cloud service down for maintenance?

  • Todd laitar

    My vieu has been working perfectly up until a few days ago. I am no longer getting notifications sent to my phone. Is the service down? This is a useless product if you are not sent notifications.

  • Larnad

    I agree with the above comments, no notifications. What is going on?


    ---Added May 28th, I uninstalled and reinstalled, did not fix the problem. Someone can ring the doorbell and get connected through the app, but there are no motion notifications.

  • Eques

    Hi Everyone,

    Our tech team is currently fixing the issue, we apologize for any inconvenience. Please uninstall and install the app from time to time and observe.

    Also, one customer suggest that removing the memory card and uninstall/reinstall the app fixed the issue. You can try this steps however, the tech team is still checking this on the back end. Thank you.

  • Fabio Henrique Palmeira

    As described by other users, I also have problems with PIR synchronization since May 22, although all the videos are registered in the micro SD. I wonder when there will be the adjustment needed to solve the problem. It is noteworthy that today, May 31, there is a new firmware 1.2.94 however it does not perform the update like the previous ones and even after the remote restart the problems persist. I await a positioning of Eques. Best regards

  • Jed Tan

    The family members whom I shared the access with can’t seem to view or receive the files from PIR detection on their app. Is this a bug?

  • Eques

    Hi Jed,

    Does the issue also happens with the main account? Please log out all the accounts and log in again. Thank you.


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